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Coming Soon: V2.14 and More

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  • Thursday, August 30 2007 @ 07:42 PM GMT
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Discussions have been underway for a while within NOAO regarding how best to balance the needs of internal projects, the iraf.net activities, and new projects. The result is a mutual collaboration in which IRAF development is resuming within NOAO on a modest scale, and the community support and development activities here will be encouraged and supported to some extent for those NOAO employees supporting this site (i.e. some work on this site is now/again part of our day-job).

It has been a while since the last V2.13 release, the reason can now be made clear: The effort has been going into an official V2.14 release from NOAO. This will additionally include a number of new external packages and other software that will be demonstrated at ADASS next month, and will be released in the very near future.

Update 10/23/07:The V2.14 release has been pushed back until after the release of OSX 10.5 (Leopard) so we can fix any problems that may come up.
Update 10/30/07:Preliminary tests indicate that the current IRAF binaries will work fine under Leopard. More detailed testing to be posted to the IRAFNet forum.

New Forums Created

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  • Tuesday, July 10 2007 @ 05:02 AM GMT
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It's been on my list for a while now, but I finally got around to creating several new forums for the site: The Sources forum is to allow users to post small scripts or announcements of software that may be of interest to other users. A new Job Board category includes forums for users to post Open Positions that may be of interest to this group, or Resumes if you're looking for a position.

We may still want to create other means of handling these, but for now we'll see how much interest there is with this fairly simple scheme. If you have a script, know of a job opening, or have a suggestion for other groups, please post.

ADASS XVI -- IRAF BoF Scheduled

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  • Monday, September 18 2006 @ 04:42 PM GMT
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An IRAF Birds-of-a-Feather session has been scheduled at the upcoming ADASS meeting in Tucson, Oct 15-18. The abstract for the BoF is below and we invite everyone to attend. An agenda will be posted closer to the meeting time, however we plan to cover highlights of the last year, organize work for the coming year, and demonstrate some new work that will be available shortly. Please contact us if you would like to make a short presentation yourself or if there is something is particular interest you'd like to see on the agenda.

The talk "Integrating IRAF with the Virtual Observatory" is now available online.

Draft Agenda: IRAF Bof, 10/17, 17:30-19:00, Finger Rock II

    1) Introduction
    2) Pipeline Uses of IRAF
    3) NVO Package Demonstration
    4) Site Development/Community Participation
    5) Discussion

Formal presentations will comprise only the 1st half of the meeting.

V2.13-Beta2 Update -- New Cygwin Port, Mac/Intel & Platform Updates

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  • Thursday, April 20 2006 @ 04:56 AM GMT
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The V2.13 beta-release of the Mac/Intel port has been updated to now include a port to Cygwin under Windows XP SP2 as well as a number of minor bug fixes to the Mac/Intel port and back-ports to other platforms (Linux and OSX/ppc). Current beta users should update their systems using a complete install of the system, X11IRAF updates will follow shortly. Features are still planned and the final packaging has yet to be done, but this is a fully functional release of IRAF, X11IRAF, various external packages and DS9, all with native Mac/Intel and Cygwin binaries.

Please report any problems, bugs, or suggestions to the forum thread started on this topic. The beta may be updated occassionally if serious bugs are found or major new features added, and all users should update to the final release once it is ready. Detailed, if quick, release notes are in the body of the message. For the impatient, here is a link to the distribution directory.

(Update: 4/24/06) DS9 now linked to correct 4.0b9 macintel binary.
(Update 8/30/06) New native Mac/Intel and PPC binaries for X11IRAF now available from the downloads page
(Update 11/22/06) Updated Mac/Intel binaries for IRAF, updated external package builds, now available from the downloads page (Update Details)

IRAF -- It really does have structure

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  • Thursday, January 19 2006 @ 05:54 AM GMT
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So I was sitting around trying to avoid real work and came across a "code visualization" project on the net. Seeing an opportunity to waste some time, I applied it to IRAF just to see what would happen. The result is interesting enough to post here, and might make for an interesting CD jacket one day. Various resolutions are available, anyone adventurous enough to work on this some more (i.e. add labels or apply some graphics design) please post your results or comments . Click on the image to see more.

iraf@noao.edu: So long, and thanks for all the email!

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  • Tuesday, January 03 2006 @ 07:41 PM GMT
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The email address iraf@noao.edu is now officially dead, the auto-responder was enabled today informing people of the change and suggesting they come here. If you sent email look for the reply here, if you have a new question please post it here first. For a while, messages will be allowed to be forwarded where we'll reassign them into one of the forums for a reply, but eventually even that will end.

More External Packages Than You Knew Existed

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  • Sunday, December 11 2005 @ 06:52 PM GMT
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Several years ago it was necessary to compile a list of known IRAF software. After several days Googling we compiled a large list but unfortunately didn't think to save the URLs at the time. Not all packages are active or distributed by the authors, but may be what you're looking for. If interested, Google on the package/author name.

Here's the list, if you know of other packages please mention them in a comment, if you know of a URL to a package please consider adding a link.

Welcome to iraf.net!

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  • Thursday, December 01 2005 @ 06:32 AM GMT
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Welcome to the new home of the IRAF user community and help desk. This site is being run as a volunteer effort of the IRAF development team with the primary goal of keeping alive the IRAF user community, and with a secondary goal of providing a needed forum for the wider astronomy software community. IRAF developers will participate in the forums that have taken over for the previous email-based helpdesk, iraf@noao.edu, but we are relying on users to participate in these forums as well. Users are also encouraged to help extend this site beyond just a helpdesk replacement, please see the Support page for how you can help.

To Post a Question:Go to the forums, select an appropriate group, and start a New Topic using the button at the top/bottom of the panel. Registered users may request an email notification once the question has been answered, otherwise replies will come exclusively through the forum.

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