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Helplog #38 -- zscale, display and autoscaling

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  • Monday, December 05 2005 @ 11:23 PM GMT
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Help Logs/Tips Question: I can't find a description of the 'zscale' scaling algorithm anywhere.Do you have a reference for how it determines the proper scaling of the pixels?

Helplog #37 -- Using Multiple Bias Sections

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  • Monday, November 14 2005 @ 02:53 PM GMT
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Help Logs/Tips Question: I have a question concerning the colbias command in the noao.bias package of IRAF. I am working with a telescope which uses columns 1-48 and 2096-2158 as overscan regions. The bias is found by the colbias command. I was wondering if it is poissible to set up the parameters in such a way that both sections (so 1-48 and 2096-2158) are used for this purpose. Could you help me with this question?

Helplog #36 -- Measuring Ellipticities and Position Angles

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  • Monday, November 14 2005 @ 02:51 PM GMT
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  • Views: 2,681
Help Logs/Tips Question: I have a (long) list of x and y positions of stars in an image. I would like to measure the ellipticities and position angles of the images non-interactively. How should I do this?

Helplog #35 - Using IDENTIFY in Scripts

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  • Friday, November 04 2005 @ 02:43 PM GMT
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Help Logs/Tips Question: I am writing some IRAF scripts involving the use of the task "identify". I would like to use the task interactively, as when it is launched from the command line. Everything works fine at the beginning: the task is launched and the graphical window pops up, waiting for the interactive commands. The problem is that whenever I try to mark some features using the "m" key the task does not allow me to type in the wavelength, just as if the enter key is automatically hit, so that the feature wavelength remains INDEF. ....

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