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Mac/Intel IRAF Port - Beta Available

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  • Tuesday, March 14 2006 @ 05:50 AM GMT
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A beta-release of the Mac/Intel port is now available for user testing. Features are still planned and the final packaging has yet to be done, but this is a fully functional release of IRAF, X11IRAF, various external packages and DS9, all with native Intel binaries.

Please report any problems, bugs, or suggestions to the forum thread started on this topic. The beta may be updated occassionally if serious bugs are found or major new features added, and all users should update to the final release once it is ready. Detailed, if quick, release notes are in the body of the message. For the impatient, here is a link to the distribution directory.

Update: (3/14/06) PPC binaries and common x86/ppc source updated in distribution.
Update: (3/29/06) STSDAS/TABLES V3.5 x86 binaries added to distribution.
Update: (4/03/06) RedHat binaries of port added to distribution (see comments).

IRAF on Intel Macs -- First Results

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  • Thursday, January 26 2006 @ 06:21 PM GMT
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MachineBench Time
Dual 2.7Ghz G5, 2GB31 sec (ppc bins)
17" Intel/iMac, 1GB52 sec (ppc bins)
21 sec (intel bins)

I got my hands on an Intel iMac recently and did some quick looking around and testing. The surprising news is that for the most part the existing PPC macosx binaries will run without change using the emulator! A statically linked DS9 also works, as do the X11IRAF tasks.

Update: (2/7/06) Initial port work is complete and native binaries are working. As a benchmark comparison using a script that does some real-world reductions consider the table here (YMMV): See below for other notes and updates as we get a chance to do more on this (borrowed) machine.....

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