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 filter keyword not recognized - desperately need help!
 12/17/2017 04:00PM (Read 382 times)  

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Dear All,

I have installed new IRAF (on new hard disk), and I am stumbled over impossibility to setinstrument so that ccdproc recognizes the filter keywords. On my previous hard disk, in kpnoheaders.dat I set
subset filter

and all was fine, the ccdlist *fits looked properly:

Now, even if I run setinstrument with all proper keywords:

(pixelty= real real) Output and calculation pixel datatypes
(verbose= no) Print log information to the standard output?
(logfile= logfile) Text log file
(plotfil= ) Log metacode plot file
(backup = ) Backup directory or prefix
(instrum= ccddb$kpno/kpnoheaders.dat) CCD instrument file
(ssfile = subsets) Subset translation file
(graphic= stdgraph) Interactive graphics output device
(cursor = ) Graphics cursor input
(version= 2: October 1987)
(mode = ql)
($nargs = 0)

The response is:

On my other old machine it's working but I cannot see any difference with the new installation. Its just refuses to acknowledge the subsets. I even copied the old subsets file into the working directory - nothing helps.
ccdred> type subsets
'7 Bes U' 7
'6 Bes B' 6
'5 Bes V' 5
'3 Bes I' 3
'1 Free' 1
'4 Bes R' 4

and the filter keyword in the header is proper:
FILTER = '3 Bes I ' / FOSC Filter Description

What to do? Please, help!


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