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 Daophot PSF: star is outside the image
 10/20/2017 02:29PM (Read 486 times)  

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I'm trying to build a psf for an image, and successfully run daofind, daophot and pstselect. I have >1000 detected stars in my field, and told pstselect to choose 100, which it does fine. Hoever, when I try to run psf, I get an error for each star "Star [number] is outside the image".

I know this can't be true - I checked the size of my image is (4100, 2048), and below is a snipped of what my terminal returns:

Star 3181 has been added to the PSF star list
X: 1385.68 Y: 404.55 Mag: 16.453 Dmin: 323. Dmax: 35340.
Star 7687 has been added to the PSF star list
X: 1798.91 Y: 944.54 Mag: 16.503 Dmin: 319. Dmax: 34745.
Star 12420 has been added to the PSF star list
X: 1206.15 Y: 1520.47 Mag: 16.529 Dmin: 278. Dmax: 35051.
Star 23401 has been added to the PSF star list
X: 1445.92 Y: 2766.61 Mag: 16.531 Dmin: 298. Dmax: 35966.
Star 8012 has been added to the PSF star list
X: 1041.32 Y: 987.95 Mag: 16.614 Dmin: 284. Dmax: 33610.

100 PSF stars read from ccd1_pstselect-out.pst

Star 21526 is outside the image
Star 11825 is outside the image
Star 35038 is outside the image
Star 3181 is outside the image

Does anyone know what could possibly be going wrong? I'm definitely entering the same image path for each daophot task.

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 11/02/2017 12:53AM  

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There are still a number of unresolved 64-bit issues with some DAOPHOT tasks, so if you are on a Mac or 64-bit linux system then the first to to try would be to use the 32-bit binary instead to see if it resolves the problem. These can be found at

ftp://iraf.noao.edu/iraf/v216/support/macosx/x_daophot.e # to replace your iraf$noao/bin.macintel/x_daophot.e
ftp://iraf.noao.edu/iraf/v216/support/linux/x_daophot.e # to replace your iraf$noao/bin.linux64/x_daophot.e

Download the files in binary mode, reset the execute permissions and install in the appropriate directory.

If that doesn't fix the problem, then please post a sample image header so we can check for possible WCS issues.

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