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 Fringing problem and b_niter parameter in apall
 08/29/2017 05:45AM (Read 626 times)  

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I am working with low S/N spectra. Because of this I am trying to minimise influence of the fringing. Did exist some specific way how to deal with my flat fields to remove effect of the fringing on my data?
At this moment for flat fielding I am using only response task, is there maybe additional steps required for fringes?

Another question is related to the apall task. In DEFAULT BACKGROUND PARAMETERS there is parameter b_niter.
I notice when b_niter=3 my spectrum (at the end of reduction) has 4-5 order of magnitudes smaller flux in comparison when b_niter=0 (I am working with same object, just changing b_niter parameter, all other parameters are the same).
Is this normal? If it is, how can I know that my flux is correct if I can adjust it by only changing b_niter parameter?
If I need to provide more informations or data.fits file just let me know.

All the best


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