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 problem with REIDENTIFY - no features found
 06/23/2017 02:49PM (Read 720 times)  

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Hi All,

I am learning spectral reduction, calibration etc., so I started with tutorial described in ccd2.ps and spectra.ps. All went fine but now I have problem to reidentify features in 1D spectrum using a reference one. This is the actual output message using the parameters from the tutorial

kpnoslit> reidentify sp0027.ms sp0018.ms coord=linelists$thorium.dat v+ inter+

REIDENTIFY: NOAO/IRAF V2.16 ovince@oliver-pc.aob.rs Fri 16:38:12 23-Jun-2017
Reference image = sp0027.ms, New image = sp0018.ms, Refit = yes
Image Data Found Fit Pix Shift User Shift Z Shift RMS
sp0018.ms - Ap 1 0/19 0/0 0. 0. 0. INDEF

I also twisted the task parameters but the output is the same.

I have also tried to do the exercise described in APPENDIX B of the spect.ps tutorial that is to correct distortions in 2D spectra but at the point where I use REIDENTIFY I get the same output.

Thank you in advance for help.

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 07/06/2017 06:14PM  
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Hello Oliver,

The problem must be data dependent. I can help you if you send me the two spectral files, the identify database (which is in the database subdirectory) and a listing of the parameters from "dpar reidentify". I expect the files are small so you can try to attach them to an email to valdes@noao.edu. Or you can transfer them to the anonymous ftp account at iraf.noao.edu (subdirectory pub) and let me know you transferred them.

I will be gone for the next couple of weeks but I look at your problem.


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 07/13/2017 08:26AM  

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Thank you Frank for the reply.

Several days ago I have solved the problem by reinstalling IRAF. I used to have IRAF installed from the Mageia repository and REINDENTIFY failed every time. After reinstallation it works fine.

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