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 Trouble reading lists with some procedures with IRAF v2.16 on MacOSX 10.11
 06/22/2017 04:59PM (Read 1238 times)  

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I have IRAF running on two separate Mac OSXs. One machine is running Mac OSX 10.8 and IRAF v2.16 and CCDPROC handles lists without problem. However, when I try to run CCDPROC on the Mac OSX 10.11 with the following call:

ccdproc images=@targets output=p//@targets ccdtype="" max_cache=0 noproc=no fixpix=yes overscan=no trim=yes zerocor=yes darkcor=no flatcor=no illumcor=no fringecor=no readcor=no scancor=no readaxis="line" fixfile=echmask.pl biassec="" trimsec=[200:1850,1:2048] zero=Zero dark="" flat="" illum="" fringe="" minreplace=1. scantype="shortscan" nscan=1 interactive=no function="legendre" order=3 sample="*" naverage=1 niterate=3 low_reject=3. high_reject=3. grow=0. mode="ql"

we get the following:

ERROR: Cannot open file (targets@targets).

We initially thought it was a permission issue, but opening up all of the permissions on the file that contains the list, like targets in this case does not fix the error. We have noted that several other procedures return similar errors when dealing with lists: MAGNIFY, IMCOPY, IMARITH, and DISPCOR.

I assumed that if this were a compatibility issue, I wouldn't be the first to encounter it, but I have not seen any other comments in the forum regarding such an issue. So I am at a loss for what to do next.



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 06/22/2017 05:10PM  

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Try doing

cl> reset use_new_imt = no

to disable the new image template code and use the old version. If this works you can make the change permanent by editing your login.cl file or the system hlib$zzsetenv.def file.

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