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 problem with script
 05/27/2017 03:21AM (Read 505 times)  

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[b][Moderator's Note: forwarded from story submission[/b]

I am having problems with a script that reduces to the following simple script to change some parameters in photpars and fitskypars and run digiphot.apphot.phot. When I run this, photpars.apertures is changed to rad but nothing I do (yet) changes parameters in fitskypars. The unlearn, cache, and update lines make no difference. I'd appreciate suggestions on how to change fitskypars.annulus within the script. Thank you.


real rad, rann

unlearn photpars
unlearn fitskypars
cache fitskypars


update fitskypars

phot ("test.fits",
"", coords="test.list", output="test.phot", plotfile="", datapars="",
centerpars="", fitskypars="", interactive=no, radplots=no,
verify=no, update=no, verbose=no, graphics="stdgraph", display="stdimage",
icommands="", gcommands="")

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 05/27/2017 03:33AM  

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Registered: 09/30/2005
Posts: 3989
I'm not able to reproduce the problem, using either redirection to run it or with a procedure script. How are you running the task? Is it possible there is some confusion in whether you're using the FITSKYPARS from APPHOT or DAOPHOT, i.e. does it help if you explicitly load the package? Do you see any messages about "unable to open parameter file" ? If so, this usually means that either you don't have a uparm directory, or don't have permission to write to it. Lastly, what verison of IRAF and platform is this?

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