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 mknobsfile error in V2.16.1
 05/09/2017 07:57AM (Read 583 times)  

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Hi, I have trouble with mknobsfile in IRAF with the following version:

NOAO/IRAF PC-IRAF Revision 2.16.1 EXPORT Mon Oct 14 21:40:13 MST 2013

Below is the input for mknobsfile

PACKAGE = photcal
TASK = mknobsfile
photfile= stdobs.mag.1 The input list of APPHOT/DAOPHOT databases
idfilter= B,V,I The list of filter ids
imsets = stdimgset The input image set file
observat= stdout The output observations file
(wrap = yes) Format output file for easy reading ?
(obspara= ) The input observing parameters file
(obscolu= 2 3 4 5) The format of obsparams
(minmage= 0.001) The minimum error magnitude
(shifts = ) The input x and y coordinate shifts file
(apercor= ) The input aperture corrections file
(apertur= 1) The aperture number of the extracted magnitude
(toleran= 5.) The tolerance in pixels for position matching
(allfilt= no) Output only objects matched in all filters
(verify = no) Verify interactive user input ?
(verbose= yes) Print status, warning and error messages ?
(mode = ql)

And here is the error message I receive:

ERROR: Cannot open file (stdimgset)
"verify=verify, verbose=verbose)"
line 102: photcal$mknobsfile.cl
called as: `mknobsfile (mode=h)'

I verify that the input file, stdimgset, is a plain text file, with correct permission. In fact, I tried the same inputs files in earlier version of IRAF, say V2.16 and V2.15a, the mknobsfile just work fine.

Any clues why I got this error message in V2.16.1?

Thanks for the help.

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 05/09/2017 04:44PM  

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You can rule out permission/file access problems with the file by trying open it with some other task, e.g.

cl> type stdimgset

If that works, or not, you can check for other obscure weirdities like the file doesn't have a proper EOF or a newline on the last line (can sometimes happen with emacs or some OSX editors), or if the path to the file contains a space (e.g. your name is in the directory path and includes a space). There are know 64-bit issues you can resolve by seeing http://iraf.net/forum/viewtopic.php?showtopic=1469590 but I doubt that is the problem here.

Otherwise, the task hasn't changed since 2001.

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 05/10/2017 01:19AM  

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Thanks, here is the "type" command:

photcal> type stdimgset
GD71 : GD71_B.fits GD71_I.fits GD71_V.fits
PG0918 : PG0918_I.fits PG0918_V.fits PG0918_B.fits
PG1323 : PG1323_B.fits PG1323_V.fits PG1323_I.fits

The problem still there. I will try to check the text file again.

Thanks for the help.

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