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 error in MSCJOIN
 03/06/2017 06:34AM (Read 435 times)  

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I am trying to create a BAD pixel mask for my data taken from Mosaic 3 camera .

I used ratio of two domeflats as an input image to MSCSPLIT and split the image so that I can use CCDMASK to create a mask for each extension. Then renamed all the out put 16 files from CCDMASK ( with .pl extensions) with .fits .
Then tried to use the MSCJOIN to create a multi extension fits file to use as the bad pixel mask image .

but MSCJOIN is giving me this error massage

Warning: FXF: EOF encountered while reading FITS file (BPM_1)
ERROR: Seek error on file (sandanuwans-MacB!/Volumes/KPNO1/Jan-2016/TBPM/BPM_its)
"hselect (inext, "extvr", yes) | scan (extver)"
line 57: mscsrc$mscjoin.cl
called as: `mscjoin (mode=h)

Is there any way I can get around this or any way I can find a Bad pixel mask file for the Mosaic 3 ? ( I see the pixel mask file for the mosaic 1.1 here (https://www.noao.edu/noao/mosaic/calibs.html ) but can't find anything for mosaic 3.0 ) .

thanks .

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 04/25/2017 10:43PM  
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I'm not sure what is wrong with mscjoin. As a first step, I have put the bad pixel masks used by the mosaic3 pipeline at NOAO at


These are also one file per CCD, which is the way the pipeline works. I assume you want to make an MEF so that you can use mscred.ccdproc? Mscjoin is just a simple task based on imcopy. You could try and do it your self with something like

PHP Formatted Code

imcopy ccd1 mef[ccd1,append]
imcopy ccd2 mef[ccd2,append]

I can't remember immediately what the extension names are for the mosaic3 data.

Frank Valdes

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