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 longslit/fitcoords error
 02/10/2015 07:17PM (Read 1181 times)  

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I'm having troubles with the longslit/fitcoords task. Below you can find the parameters I use for the task.
The input spectrum is called fb0057.image.fits, the reidentify task stores the data in database/idfb0057.image. The output is the following:

Longslit coordinate fit name is idfb0057.imagefb0057.image.fits.
Longslit database is database.
Features from images:
Warning: Cannot open file (database/idfb0057.image.fits)

I tried to rename the file database/idfb0057.image to database/idfb0057.image.fits, but then I get the error "Warning: No coordinates found in database". I'm using a 64bit linux machine, and I tried to use the task both in 2.16 IRAF installed with Ureka and 2.16.1 IRAF installed from source. The task seem to be working well on a 32bit linux machine with also 2.16.1 IRAF.

thanks for the help!


PACKAGE = longslit
TASK = fitcoords

images = fb0057.image.fits Images whose coordinates are to be fit
(fitname= ) Name for coordinate fit in the database
(interac= yes) Fit coordinates interactively?
(combine= no) Combine input coordinates for a single fit?
(databas= database) Database
(deletio= deletions.db) Deletion list file (not used if null)
(functio= chebyshev) Type of fitting function
(xorder = 6) X order of fitting function
(yorder = 6) Y order of fitting function
(logfile= STDOUT,logfile) Log files
(plotfil= plotfile) Plot log file
(graphic= stdgraph) Graphics output device
(cursor = ) Graphics cursor input
(mode = ql)

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 09/20/2017 04:39AM  

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I know it is long since you asked, but for documentation reasons I will reply.

I ran into this problem myself recently so the solution is to give as input the image without the extension
(strip the name of the ".fits" part) then it must run smoothly

All the best!

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