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  • IRAF on Intel Macs -- First Results
  • Authored by: LBT_Dave on Saturday, March 18 2006 @ 05:48 AM GMT
The intel native binaries were posted one day after I installed the PPC version,
so I wiped the 'old' stuff and installed the Mac/Intel port of iraf. I only had
to make slight modifications to the standard install procedure, such as I did
not need the 'z' option in the tar commands (archives uncompressed on
download) and setenv is not the correct command under the bash shell my
system defaulted to using (use export under bash).

In order to start iraf from within an xgterm I had to modify the shell script
/iraf/iraf/unix/hlib/cl.csh where the 'mach' environment variables are set for
Darwin. In both cases, the setenv commands include '='s that should not
be there. Both looked like simple typos. They are about 80 lines down
in the shell script. The two (non-consecutive) lines should read:

setenv mach macintel
setenv mach macosx

Other than that everything has worked well, but I have yet to do any real


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