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  • Authored by: jcadien1 on Monday, July 20 2015 @ 11:12 PM GMT
I have run imexam from cmd line and in bash scripts for many years. I always have, for some reason, used objects' x-y coords to locate them in the image. I now would like to use the ra-dec. However, when I do I get garbage returned. I have many small images covering 7-8 years of observing on which I wish to examine the same objects, whose ra-dec I know. It would be simpler to use the ra-dec. I tried things out using one image. The wcs is fine. iraf xy2rd and rd2xy work fine. wcstools sky2xy and xy2sky also work. If I use imexam from cnd line with x-y the output is fine, flux measurement is ok, and the rd shown in the output is correct.
However, when I input the rd instead of xy everything is wrong. The xy are not what I input and the rd output are completely out of whack. I have changed wcs parameter and x &y format, and nothing changes.
In fact when using xy input, it seems not to matter whether wcs = logical or world, I get the same output, which is correct.
So, anyone have ideas on why this happens and how I can modify my approach to use rd with correct results?

Thanks, Jim

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