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  • IRAF v2.16.1 Patch Now Available
  • Authored by: olebole on Monday, May 12 2014 @ 04:43 PM GMT
There are some automated compilations, f.e. for Mageia Linux.

The problem is now, if someone wants to recompile and gets the iraf-src tarfile, the automated recompilation would fail since the content is unexpectedly different.

As a Debian developer: even if I don't have a Debian release yet (which would have the same problem), I regularly check the sources of all the packages I maintain to see if there are updates. For IRAF it constantly reported me "2.16 is the latest version", and so I didn't realize for half a year that there is something new.

I would prefer to have one directory (file) per version, even for dot versions. If there is a link from the latest version to a "current" directory, then sites could link to that.

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