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Buglog #504

  • Tuesday, August 06 2002 @ 10:03 PM GMT
  • Contributed by:
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MODULE: nproto.objmasks
SYSTEM: V2.12-V2.12.1
MODULE:	nproto.objmasks
SYSTEM:	V2.12-V2.12.1
DATE:	Tue Aug  6 16:03:28 MST 2002
FROM:	valdes

BUG:	This task may abort with a floating divide error.  This is caused
	by the first pass estimate of the background sigma using a
	planar fit.  The can produce zero or negative sigma values.
	The workaround is to set the 'fitxorder' and 'fityorder'
	parameters to 1 in the hidden parameters set objmasks1;
	i.e. epar objmasks1.

STATUS:	In the next release the initial sky will still be fit by a surface of
	some specified order but the initial sigma will be purely a

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