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Buglog #424

  • Thursday, April 22 1999 @ 08:07 PM GMT
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MODULE: rv.fxcor
SYSTEM: V2.10-V2.11.1
MODULE:	rv.fxcor
SYSTEM:	V2.10-V2.11.1
DATE:	Thu Apr 22 14:07:13 MST 1999
FROM:	fitz

BUG:	The verbose output listing for a deblended fit reports only the
	first velocity component.  There is no workaround.  The code
	fix required is to edit line 298 of rv$rvvfit.x and change

	from:     call pargd (rv_shift2vel(rv,DBL_SHIFT(rv,1)))
	to:	  call pargd (rv_shift2vel(rv,DBL_SHIFT(rv,i)))

        Contact iraf@noao.edu for instructions on how to update an
        IRAF package, in this case RV.

STATUS: Fixed for next release.

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