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Buglog #422

  • Monday, April 19 1999 @ 04:49 PM GMT
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MODULE: daophot.psf
MODULE:	daophot.psf
DATE:	Mon Apr 19 10:49:29 MST 1999
FROM:	davis

BUG:	In rare circumstances the psf task can crash with a floating point
	error when computing the analytic portion of the psf. So far this
	has only been observed on Linux systems but it could potentially be
	a problem for other machines as well.

STATUS:	The problem is caused by division by a very small number in the
	weight computation and happens when the point being added to the
	fit is very close to fitrad pixels from the center of the analytic
	function. There is no true workaround but changing the value of
	fitfit slightly or choosing another analytic function may avoid the

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