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Buglog #410

  • Friday, September 04 1998 @ 03:59 PM GMT
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MODULE: crutil.crmedian
SYSTEM: V1.1: May 1998
MODULE:	crutil.crmedian
SYSTEM:	V1.1: May 1998
DATE:	Fri Sep  4 09:59:20 MST 1998
FROM:	valdes

BUG:	On images with more than about 500K pixels the median operation is
	done in overlapping blocks of lines.  The amount of overlap is
	half of the line median size 'lmed'.  The bug is that on output
	the overlap regions end up being zero.  There is no workaround
	except to reinstall the new version of the package.

STATUS:	Fixed in V1.2: Sep 4, 1998.

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