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Buglog #587 -- MSCZERO

  • Tuesday, June 24 2014 @ 01:41 AM GMT
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Bug Logs NUMBER: 587
MODULE: mscred.msczero, nfextern.msctools.msczero
SYSTEM: V2.14-
DATE: Mon Jun 23 16:10:59 MST 2014
FROM: valdes

BUG: When using msczero with DS9 a "coordinate not in an image" error may occur. This is due to DS9 returning a WCS identifier ending in 00 instead of 01 or higher. A way to check this is to display an image with mscdisplay or msczero, enter =imcur, hit any key in ds9 (all this from an IRAF session). If you see 100 in the string that gets printed then this is the problem.

The workarounds are

1. Update mscred to 5.06 or nfextern to 2.44.
2. Use ximtool instead of DS9
3. After displaying edit uparm$mscdispN (where N is the frame) to change the ?01 to ?00; i.e. 101 -> 100. Note that any redisplay will undo this change.

Note that there is a known problem with DS9 V7.2 that has more problems with cursor readback so also used an earlier version of DS9.

STATUS: A script fix was added to the latest mscred and nfextern and the repository versions updated.
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