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Sersic Profiles in ARTDATA

  • Friday, February 25 2011 @ 05:39 PM GMT
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General News It has become common for people to use Sersic model profiles for galaxy simulations. ARTDATA only had exponential disks (Sersic index of 1) and De Vaucouleurs model (Sersic index of 4). General Sersic profiles have been added to ARTDATA for future releases of the noao package and is also available now as a patch. The patch installation instructions are below.
Installation of the ARTDATA patch for Sersic Profiles

This patch provides the ability to generate Sersic profiles of various
indices.  This is done by adding a new model type, sersic, to those
which can be specified in the input object list.  So there are no
parameter changes or significantly different usage.  The new model
is described in the updated help page for the MKOBJECTS task which
will be installed.

The patch files contain a binary (linked against IRAF 2.15), an updated
help page, and the new source file (though recompiling is not needed since
the binaries are provided).

To install you must have permission to modify a few files in the noao
package (usually installed at /iraf/iraf//noao).  If you don't have permission or
can't get your system administrator to install it, contact us at iraf.net
for instructions for how to override the default binary to your private

1. Get the readme (this document) and the patch file for your architecture:


   For V2.14 Linux installations get the linux architecture and
   then move the binary from bin.linux to the appropriate bin directory
   (e.g. bin.redhat).

2. The patch file is unpacked in the top-level of the noao package:

    cd /iraf/iraf//noao
    tar zxvf /artdatasersic-.tgz
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