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Buglog #575 -- All ICFIT tasks

  • Tuesday, June 29 2010 @ 04:56 PM GMT
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Bug Logs NUMBER: 575
MODULE: all tasks using the icfit tools
SYSTEM: - V2.14
DATE: Mon Jun 28 14:08:48 MST 2010
FROM: valdes

BUG: The icfit tools are used in many tasks involving 1D function fitting. These include onedspec tasks like continuum and identify. The tools provide for a grow radius where any sigma rejected points have neighbors also rejected. The logic was wrong in two ways; one where if a neighbor was also a rejected point it did not also reject neighbors of that point, and another where the grow radius units were used both as in pixels and in user coordinates. In reality the grow is supposed to be in user coordinate units. In addition some tasks, like continuum, incorrectly described the units adding to the confusion.

STATUS: Fixed for the next (v2.15) IRAF release.
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