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New GEMINI Package Now Available

  • Friday, July 31 2009 @ 08:29 AM GMT
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General News For those so inclined....

July 28, 2009 A new version of the GEMINI IRAF package is now available. This version, v1.10, requires at minimum IRAF 2.12.2a, but IRAF 2.14 is recommended. The package is now compatible with PyRAF as well as the CL environment. At this time, PyRAF is not required. For those who wish to use PyRAF, the mininum requirement is PyRAF v1.5 and stsci_python v2.6. Announcement available here

See below for details .....
The highlights are as follow:

1) PyRAF compatibility

2) Near-IR and mid-IR: nstransform split into nsfitcoords and nstransform

3) MIDIR: a) New tasks: msslice, miclean, mipql, mistdflux
b) Improved msreduce wavelength calibration

4) GMOS: a) Improved support for GMOS nod-and-shuffle modes
b) Improved GMOS variance and data quality calculations
c) Added GFEXTRACT IFU single slit extraction feature
d) Update overscan subtraction
e) No-pre-imaging GMOS MOS mask design software now fully integrated
f) Add B600 grating and OIII, He, Ha filters to gmos$data/ files

5) NIFS: a) Moved tasks NFCKCAL and NFCHECK to GEMTOOLS and renamed CKCAL and CKINPUT respectively.
b) Critical update to NFPAD to compensate for recent H-band grating shift.
c) Critical bug fix for GEMTOOLS.GEMCUBE (only used in the NIFS package as of this release)

More details are contained in the release note. 
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