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NFEXTERN -- IR Reduction Package Now Available

  • Tuesday, June 09 2009 @ 06:34 PM GMT
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General News

NFEXTERN is an external IRAF package designed specifically for the reduction of NEWFIRM (an IR mosaic camera) instrument data, but which is also useful for other IR and mosaic reductions. It includes updated tasks found in MSCRED as well as catalog tools found in the ACE package. The package is now available from the downloads area and the ftp archive at NOAO.

See below for more information, please report any problems or comments.

The NFEXTERN package is used for reducing data from the NEWFIRM wide-field infrared imager. The package includes three sub-packages:

  • ace - Astronomical Cataloging Environment
  • msctools - General tools for working with multi-extension format (MEF) data
  • newfirm - Tasks designed for reducing NEWFIRM data
      # ACE Sub-Package
               aceall - master segmentation and cataloging task
           acecatalog - catalog sources in images
                           - 	single image catalogs
                           - 	multiple image catalog using first image segmentation
              acediff - catalog sources in the difference of images
          aceevaluate - evaluate sources
             		     -  single image catalogs using reference catalog 
      			and segmentation
             		     -  multiple image catalog using reference catalog 
      			and segmentation
          acesegment - segment images into
                           -  sky images
                           -  object masks
                           -  sky subtracted images
           acefilter - filter catalogs and object masks
          acedisplay - display images with object mask isophote overlays
           acetvmark - display images with object filtered overlays
      # NEWFIRM Package contents
                cgroup - Group exposures
               combine - Combine exposures
              dcombine - Combine dark exposures
              fcombine - Combine flat exposures
               nfdproc - Process NEWFIRM dark exposures
            nfdeltasky - Fit and subtract residual sky background from NEWFIRM images
               nffocus - Determine best focus from NEWFIRM exposures
               nffproc - Process NEWFIRM dome flat field exposures
               nfgroup - Group NEWFIRM data in list files
           nflinearize - Linearize NEWFIRM exposures
                nflist - List NEWFIRM image parameters as derived by nfproc
                nfmask - Create data quality masks for NEWFIRM exposures
               nfoproc - Apply instrumental calibrations to NEWFIRM object exposures
                nfproc - General task for processing NEWFIRM data
              nfsetsky - Pair exposures for pairwise sky subtraction
              nfskysub - Subtract sky from NEWFIRM images
             nftwomass - Get 2MASS catalog data 
                 nfwcs - Derive WCS for NEWFIRM exposures
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