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  • Monday, October 13 2008 @ 05:40 PM GMT
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Bug Logs NUMBER: 569
MODULE: cosmicrays
SYSTEM: -V2.14.1
DATE: Mon Oct 13 10:33:15 MST 2008
FROM: valdes

BUG: The message
  • ERROR: PLIO: reference out of bounds on mask
occurs when the image is not 2D. This can be a conceptual problem for data which define a higher dimensionality but with length of 1; e.g. [2048,2048,1]. This is effectively a 2D image but some IRAF tasks designed for 2D images can have problems with this.
The workaround is simply to use a 2D image section:
  • cosmicrays image[*,*,1]
Of course one can also convert the image to 2D with imcopy or imslice.

STATUS: No updates are currently planned and users should use the workarounds noted above.
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