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  • Wednesday, January 23 2008 @ 11:00 PM GMT
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Bug Logs NUMBER: 560
DATE: Wed Jan 23 15:56:04 MST 2008
FROM: fitz

BUG: For an image with a ZPN projection, the transform code in mwcs tries to reference the parent image to get the PV matrix keywords. This task called sk_decwcs() to open the WCS, but this routine then unmaps the image. When the task later uses the saved 'mw' pointer to transform coords the ZPN reference to the parent image is invalid and results in a segfault. Changed the code to call sk_decim() directly and operate on the currently open image instead.

There is no workaround other than to not set the 'usewcs' parameter and to set the WCS using the other parameters. Contact iraf.net for a new binary if needed.

STATUS: Fixed for the next release.
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