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VO for the iPhone/iPod Touch

  • Friday, December 28 2007 @ 07:35 PM GMT
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VO News

For those of you who got an iPhone or iPod Touch recently, a new web app called iPortal is available for browsing the VO Registry and Data services using only the native Safari browser. To get started, point your iPhone/iPod to http://iraf-nvo.noao.edu/iportal

A web page description with a test interface and screenshots is also available. This app provides access to hundreds of image and catalog services, and thousands of published journal tables, from a mobile device. Image displays and table scrolling use the native interfaces of the device.

See below for a full list of features.

The test interface is only an approximation of what you'd see on the actual device, and please note that non-Safari browsers may not work at all.

iPortal is a one-box Google-like interface styled to fit the screen of an iPhone/iPod. Its features include:

  • Display an image of any part of the sky (color if in the SDSS DR6 footprint, B&W from DSS otherwise).
  • Full keyword search of the Registry. Categorized resources found may be browsed by type, or user can drill down to view full description, including a 'Try It' feature
  • Object name resolution: an image of the object is displayed along with the resolved coords
  • Arbitrary coordinate input: Sexagesimal (whitespace or colon-delimited) or decimal values allowed, and image of those coords is displayed.
  • Cone search capability for Cone services, results table displayed on the interface
  • SIAP capability for image services. Results containing a Graphics JPEG/GIF have links to the image displayed on the interface
  • Full access to Vizier tables displayed locally.
  • Zero download for user, all done on server-side (w/ VOClient) and web pages

Example inputs might be things like:

        x-ray binaries                  Keyword search
        ngc4258  or  M51                Object Names
        13:29:55.72  +47:13:53.4        Coordinates

Qualifiers may be put on the input to constrain the search to a particular type (see the Help button). Coordinates may be decimal or sexagesimal (colon or whitespace-delimited)

Further development (e.g. a Dashboard Widget version) and similar apps are planned, please feel free to send me your comments, bug report or suggestions.

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