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Aladin V4 Now Available

  • Thursday, February 22 2007 @ 06:58 PM GMT
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VO News CDS has announced the availability of Aladin V4. Details are available from the download page and summarized below. This version features plugin support as well as enhanced support for large images, FITS cubes and interaction with IDL and SExtractor.
We are pleased to announce Aladin release 4


It integrates the following new points:

* Big image support: ex: 20000x20000x64bits with a 1.5 GB RAM machine
* FITS cube support: for displaying cubes
* Plugins: extend Aladin by yourself
* PLASTIC integration: allowing interoperability between other PLASTIC
  compatible application (VOSpec, TOPcat...)
* IDL library: for controlling Aladin from IDL
* Macros: useful for repeating a sequence of actions
* Ecliptic: Ecliptic coordinate frame support
* WCS keywords in JPEG: for JPEG astrometrical solutions
* OS Drag & Drop: for easily importing data from the OS desktop into
  Aladin panels
* Mouse wheel support: for zooming
* Pan tool: for panning, especially in large images
* FITS XY linear support: for displaying not only the sky images (ex:
  solar images...)
* Sextractor: interface to Sextractor (running at CDS)
* CADC: Aladin offers access to the CADC (Canadian Astronomical Data
* CAI: Aladin offers access to the ESO-R MAMA scans from CAI (Paris)
* Chinese language: Chinese translation

Pierre Fernique
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