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New script task SKYSEP

  • Friday, February 10 2006 @ 08:42 PM GMT
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The calculation of the separation between two celestial points is a standard astronomical utility. In SPP routines may be found in the math$slalib package. At the CL level there is astcalc and asthedit. However those are fairly complex and in scripts one would like to have a simple interface. People can write their own script code but I thought it would be useful to provide one. The SKYSEP help page is already available from this site, the script is in the body of the story and will be available in the upcoming release in the NPROTO package.

# SEP -- Separation between two celestial coordinates.

procedure sep (ra1, dec1, ra2, dec2)

real    ra1                             {prompt="RA (hr|deg)"}
real    dec1                            {prompt="DEC (deg)"}
real    ra2                             {prompt="RA (hr|deg)"}
real    dec2                            {prompt="DEC (deg)"}
string  raunit = "hr"                   {prompt="RA unit (hr|deg)"}
bool    verbose = no                    {prompt="Verbose?"}
real    sep                             {prompt="Separation (arcsec)"}

        real    r1, d1, r2, d2
        real    c1, c2, x, y, z

        if (raunit == "hr") {
            r1 = ra1 * 15.
            d1 = dec1
            r2 = ra2 * 15.
            d2 = dec2
        } else {
            r1 = ra1
            d1 = dec1
            r2 = ra2
            d2 = dec2

        c1 = dcos(d1)
        c2 = dcos(d2)
        x = dcos(r1) * c1 - dcos(r2) * c2
        y = dsin(r1) * c1 - dsin(r2) * c2
        z = dsin(d1) - dsin(d2)
        c1 = (x*x + y*y + z*z) / 4.
        c2 = max (0., 1.-c1)
        sep = 2 * datan2(sqrt(c1),sqrt(c2)) * 3600

        if (verbose)
            printf ("%.2f arcsec = (%.2H, %.1h) - (%.2H, %.1h)n",
                sep, r1, d1, r2, d2)

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