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iraf@noao.edu: So long, and thanks for all the email!

  • Tuesday, January 03 2006 @ 07:41 PM GMT
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The email address iraf@noao.edu is now officially dead, the auto-responder was enabled today informing people of the change and suggesting they come here. If you sent email look for the reply here, if you have a new question please post it here first. For a while, messages will be allowed to be forwarded where we'll reassign them into one of the forums for a reply, but eventually even that will end.

Eighteen years, numerous compliments on the effectiveness of IRAF support, and more than 28000 (incoming) messages later, here we are. It is now up to the IRAF users to make the most of this site and improve the situation. While the IRAF developers will remain involved here, we're not simply swapping a private email reply for a public forum posting, we're counting on users who know the answer to a question just as well as we do to contribute postings, ideas and software. For anyone who has ever had a gripe about a task, documentation, intallation procedures or whatever, now is the time to step up and help.

NOAO's decision has been made, for whatever reason, and apathy about this site is now the greatest threat to the future of IRAF users and support for the system. Apathy is also contagious, and an active user community is the only antidote. Now, it's up to you..

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