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More External Packages Than You Knew Existed

  • Sunday, December 11 2005 @ 06:52 PM GMT
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Several years ago it was necessary to compile a list of known IRAF software. After several days Googling we compiled a large list but unfortunately didn't think to save the URLs at the time. Not all packages are active or distributed by the authors, but may be what you're looking for. If interested, Google on the package/author name.

Here's the list, if you know of other packages please mention them in a comment, if you know of a URL to a package please consider adding a link.

                                Last updated:  Thu Feb 28,  2002

Known External Packages

  NOAO-Developed Packages

  The following packages are current being actively maintained or
  developed by members of the SDSG.  All packages are available on local
  NOAO servers and distributed through our archives:

  Package       Description                                     Developer
  ACE           Astronomical Cataloging Environment             Valdes       (1)
                Successor to FOCAS
  CFH12K        Used to update CFH 12K CCD mosaic data          Valdes
                for use with MSCRED
  CRUTIL        Cosmic Ray Removal                              Valdes       (2)
  DIGIPHOTX     Digital Photometry (DAOPHOT/APPHOT,etc)         Davis        (2)
  ESOWFI        Used to update ESO WFI mosaic data for          Valdes
                use with MSCRED
  FINDER        Astrometry/plate solutions pkg                  Davis/Seaman
  FITSUTIL      FITS Utilities                                  Zarate
  FOCAS         Faint Object Cataloging System                  Valdes
  GMISC         Gemini Misc utilities                           Davis/Valdes
  GUIAPPS       GUI Applications package                        LD/FV/MF
  IFOCAS        IRAF version of FOCAS pkg                       Valdes
  MSCRED        MOSAIC Reduction package                        Valdes       (1)
  MSCDB         MSCRED data file support package                Valdes       (1)
  NMISC         NOAO misc tasks                                 Valdes/Davis
  RVX           Radial Velocity package                         Fitz         (2)
  SPECTIME      Spectral Exposure-Time calculator               Valdes
  XCCDRED       Quad CCD reduction (replaces ARED)              Valdes       (2)
  XDIMSUM       Experimental rewrite of DIMSUM pkg              Davis        (1)
                used for IR data
  XDWRED        Experimental reduction tasks/pkgs needed        Davis/Valdes (1)
                for NDWFS
  Notes:  1)  Support for NDWFS
          2)  Installed in V2.12, extpkg maintained to export bug fixes
              and features between core IRAF releases

  The following packages are no longer being actively developed by
  the SDSG but remain available on NOAO servers and our archives:

  ADCCDROM      An IRAF package for searching and               Valdes
                accessing Volume 1 of the ADC CD-ROM
                catalogs (text version) and spectral
  COLOR         Color composite/conversion tasks.               Valdes
  IMCNV         Image Conversion tools                          Fitz
  NLOCAL        Local NOAO utilities                            IRAF Group
  SONG          Stellar Oscillation Network Group               Valdes
                (prototype pkg developed to reduce NOAO
                 staff project data)
  SPPTOOLS      SPP Programming Tools                           Fitz
  VOL           Volume pixel rendering/tools                    Rooke

  The following packages were developed by NOAO staff for use within
  IRAF but not by members of the SDSG.  

  ARED          Quad-CCD readout reduction package              P. Gigoux
  ARCON         Arcon Controller package                        ???
  CTIO          CTIO local utilities package                    P. Gigoux
  GEMINI        Gemini reductions package                       I. Jorgensen
  MXTOOLS       Ken Mighell's QDPHOT photometry                 K. Mighell
  SQIID         SQIID instrument reduction package              M. Merrill
  GRASP         GONG reduction/pipeline software                GONG Group
  NSO           NSO reduction software                          NSO

  Non-NOAO Packages

  The following packages were developed by outside programming groups
  in coordination with the Technical Working Group (TWG).   Packages 
  like STSDAS/TABLES represent a system as large as core IRAF itself,
  not all packages are being currently developed
  EUV           EUVE reduction/analysis                    CEA
  IUE           IUE reduction/analysis                     STScI
  FTOOLS        FITS tools                                 HEASARC
  STSDAS        HST reducton/analysis                      STScI
  TABLES        Tables manipulation package                STScI
  XRAY          Multi-mission X-ray analysis               SAO/Rosat SDC

  Display tools developed for the IRAF environment by outside groups.

  SAO-IIS       Early image display protocol library       J. Wright
  SAOimage      X11 image display from SAO                 M. van Hilst/D. Mink
  SAORD         SAO R&D package containing enhanced CL     E. Mandel
                and support tasks
  SAOtng        SAOimage successor display program         E. Mandel
                based on X11IRAF
  DS9           SAOtng successor with IRAF support         E. Mandel/B. Joye

  The following packages were developed independently by outside users with
  no support from NOAO.  Packages listed here are either distributed by the
  authors or used locally as part of observatory operations and do not include
  personal packages used for private research.  Many packages are built on
  core system tasks using scripts, others are major software projects using
  compiled SPP code and X11IRAF GUIs.  A Google search on the package name
  and instrument/author should turn up a reference page pretty quickly.
  Total of 64 packages listed here, list is by no means complete.

  AATRGO        Pipeline processing GUI (obmsh) for RGO    J. Lewis
                spectrograph at AAT
  ALFOSC        MOS mask generating pkg for ALFOSC instr   ???
                at Nordic Optical Telescope (NOT)
  AOTOOLS       Near IR reduction w AO systems             Eric Steinbring
  APO           Tasks used for reduction/analysis of       Louis Bergeron
                Apache Point Obs. sci/eng data
  APT           Reduction of Automated Patrol Telescope    M. Ashley
                data from UNSW
  ARCTOOLS      Photometry of ellipsoidal regions          Ben Sugerman,Columbia
  ARNICA        Reduction of Arcetri Near IR Camera data   ???
                at Arcetri Obs, Florence, Italy
  ASPEC         GUI spectral analysis
  BASPHOTC      Photometry analysis from Zodiac system w/  Marc Buie
                IRAF support
  BUIE          Rewrite of BASPHOTC package for IRAF       Marc Buie
  CALYPSO       Calypso Telescope reduction package        
  CASPIR        CASPIR IR reduction (MSSSO)                Pat McGregor
  CIRRED        CTIO IR reduction                          B. Gregory  
  CIRDR         CIRSI Data Reduction pkg (Cambridge IoA)   S.J. Chan
  CNOC97B       CFHT multislit spectroscopic reduction     Pat Hall
                cosmic ray removal/spectral extraction
  DIFIMPHOT     Difference Image Photometry package for    A. Tomaney, UWash
                variable source detection (MACHO project)
  DIMSUM        Deep Infrared Mosaicing Software           P.Eisenhardt et al
  DISTOOLS      DIS spectral reduction at Apache Point     Gordon Richards
                Observatory                                UChicago
  DITHERII      Cosmic Ray removal from dithered, under-  
                sampled HST images
  FCRAO         ????? Radio package ??????                 Heyer,M&Carpernter,J
  FLAIR         FLAIR multi-object fibre spec at UK        M. Drinkwater
                Schmidt, AAO
  FPTOOL        Fabry-Perot Analysis (w/ GUI)              P. Shopbell
  FUSE          FUSE data analysis pkg                     Jerry Kriss
  GALPHOT       Galaxy Photometry analysis                 W. Freudling
  GBNRAO        Green Bank NRAO special-purpose image      R. Fisher
                display package
  GIM2D         Detailed bulge/disk decompositions of      Luc Simard
                low signal-to-noise images of distant
  HAMSCATT      Echelle spec illumination correction       C. Churchill, PSU
  HL_REDUCE     Hoher List reduction package               Oliver Cordes
                (HOLICAM instr at Hoher List Obs, Astr.
                Institute Bonn)
  HUT           Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope reductions   G.A. Kriss
                in use at MAST
  IACTASKS      Inst. de Astrofisica de Canarias utilities S. Delgado
  IRCAM         Near IR reduction/analysis of IAC/IRCAM    S.J. Chan
                data from Teide Obs.
  INTEGRAL      Reduction of INTEGRAL fiber optic spec-    R. Greimel
                trograph at WHT
  INGRID_QL     INGRID quick-look at ING                   ???
  KISS          KPNO Int'l Spectroscopic Survey ('96)      John Salzer et al
  LDSS2         Magellan telescope LDSS reduction          John Mulchaey,OCIW
  MAKEE         (MAuna Kea Echelle Extraction) HIRES       T. Barlow
                (Hi Res Echelle Spectrometer) reduction
                at UNSW and Keck, ESI (Echellette Spectro-
                graph and Imager) at Keck          
  MEM0          Maximum Entropy deconvolution              Nailong Wu
  MOSARGUS      Reduction pkg for ARGUS instr data at      C. Vanderriest
                CFHT (an IFS config in MOS)
  MOSRED        Big Throughput Camera pkg                  S. Heathcote
  MTOOLS        Jeff Munn's utility tools package          J. Munn
  MULTIRED      CFHT MOS/OSIS instr reduction pkg          O. Le Fevre
  MXPACKAGE     Steward MX spectrometer reductions         J. Hill, UofA
  NICRED        HST/NICMOS multiaccum reduction done as    B. Mcleod
                part of CfA-Arizona Space Telescope Lens
                Survey (CASTLeS)
  PHAT          Pat Hall's add-on tasks - IR defringing    P. Hall
                and coadding, CTIO BTC tasks, etc
  PHIIRS        Pat Hall's IIRS reducton tasks             P. Hall
  PHIST         Pkg for displaying SDSS spectra            P. Hall, Princeton
  PHUC          Pat Hall's Utility companion - coadding    P. Hall              
  PHXS          Pat Hall's X-ray software                  P. Hall
  QUICKIE       Quick-look spectral extractions            J.R. Lewis (RGO)
  RGO           Reductions tasks/pkgs from RGO             J.R. Lewis (RGO)
  RVSAO         Radial Velocity tasks from SAO             D. Mink
  SAM           Slit Spectral Extraction Pkg for two       J.R. Lewis (RGO)
                LPO spectrogr  SNOOPY        SN photometry based on DAOPHOT             E. Cappellero,Padova
  SPECFIT       Spectral Fitting Pkg from JHU              G.A. Kriss
                (now in STSDAS.CONTRIB but maintained
  STECF         Apps used at ST-ECF                        R. Hook
  STPOA         ST-ECF Post Operations Archive package     R. Hook
  STEWARD       Steward Observatory local package          P. Bristow
  UCSLRIS       Slitmask creation pkg for the Low Res-     Drew Phillips
                olution Imaging Spectrograph (LRIS) @ Keck
  UFOERED       Pipeline reduction of UFOE data at HET     Chris Churchill, PSU
                (Upgraded Fiber Optic Echelle)
  UNSWIRF       Reduction pkg for UNSW IR Fabry-Perot      Stuart Ryder
                at AAT
  WFCCD         align optics of WFCCCD at Las Campanas     Bill Kunkel
  WFCRED        INT WFC data reduction pipeline            R. Greimel
  WMKOLWS       Reduction of LWS (Long Wavelength Spec-    G. Wirth
                trograph) images at Keck
  WMKONSPEC     Keck NIRSPEC data reduction package        G. Wirth
  WYFFOS        MOS extraction pkg for WHT wyffos instr    J.R. Lewis
  XIRAF         IRAF user-startup script                   V. Charmandaris

Known IRAF-Based Projects in the Astronomical Community

        The following is a sample of independently developed IRAF-based
projects in the wider astronomical community.  Many projects are quite
substantial or widely distributed but require almost no support from
NOAO.  Most of these projects were unknown prior to this survey, below are
notes on some of the more interesting projects found:

  CATALINA      Cataline Sky Survey for NEOs (LPL/UofA)

aphs from RGO  CDL           Feedback on usage of CDL is very limited but distribution
                numbers show a lot of downloads.  Projects using CDL which
                I know of from users or found on public web pages include:

                  - CCDTool control software from SDSU (Leach II Cont-
                    roller) in use at >24 observatories (Gemini, Keck, CFHT,
                    Steward, etc) Built on VooDoo controller by Scott Streit
                  - CDL used in NOAO Wildfire system
                  - Tony Tyson's Deep Lens Survey has custom software
                  - Isaac Newton Group telescopes - acquisition system
                  - Jim Heasley's "Stellar Photometry Software"
                  - Nat'l Astronomical Observatory, Japan - acquisition sys
                  - CNOC (Canadian Network for Observational Cosmology) pipe-
                    line at CFHT (http://www.astro.utoronto.ca/~cnoc/)
                  - XCCDXER ccd control program at UBC by Stephane Courteau
                  - GODS (Global Orbit Determination System) at CFHT
                  - CTIO Mosaic II linux auto-guider project
                  - CIRDR (CIRSI Data Reduction) package at Cambridge IofA

  CFH12K        The CFHT 12k Mosaic heavily uses IRAF for reductions, esp
                MSCRED.  Other aspects of IRAF usage found

                   - checker.tcl program to automatically launch image display
                     and imexamine from custom GUI - used for telescopt focus
                   - CFH12K DetCom detector control program has ability to write
                     pixels to NOAO message bus (implemented but apparently
                     not currently used) (ADASS 99 proceedings)

  CICADA        Pipeline processing of MSSSO data.  IRAF is used as the
                central processing engine for the pipeline reductions,
                many parts of CICADA are used in telescope quick-look

  DAOPHOT       Peter Stetson's original photometry code requires imfort

  DEIMOS        DEIMOS to use XImtool for RTD, possibly DHS system

  ESO           IRAF is heavily used at ESO and the ST-ECF:

                   - HST on-the-fly recalibration pipeline using IRAF/STSDAS
                   - ESO Imageing Survey using IRAF for pipeline processing
                     (5 separate survey programs)
                   - FORS-ISAAC Cluster Deep Field survey using XCCDRED for
                     4-port readout data
                   - Pipeline Package for the HST Post-Operational
                     Archive at ST-ECF.  http://www.stecf.org/poa
                   - ESO/ST-ECF Science Archive processes retrieved data to 
                     be IRAF compatible (http://archive.eso.org/)

  IRAFSTAR      IRAF/Starlink Inter-operability Insfrastucture.  A project
                was begun several years ago by Starlink to allow all Starlink
                tasks to be controlled from the CL.  Conversion of the native
                NDF image format is done on-the-fly, FIGARO tasks can now be
                used in the IRAF environment.  

  JARtool       JPL Adaptive Recognition Tool. Built on SAOtng (which is
                built on x11iraf).  Automated detection of Magellan CD-ROM
                database images to search for small-scale geological features
                such as volcanoes.

  LRIS          LRIS/XBOX packages used for mask generation.  LRIS is a
                multislit spectrograph in use at Keck.

  MMT           XImtool used for remote observing because of inet sockets,
                ICE used for acquisition at MMT dome.

  MSCRED        MSCRED was found to be the standard package used for reducing
                data from
                            CFA (4-shooter, megacam)
                            CFHT (8K, 12K, 16K)
                            ESO (8K WFI)
                            ING (8K?)
                            MMT (4-shooter)
                            MSSSO (8K WFI)

  PFIRCAM       Palomar 200" Prime Focus IR Camera (PFIRCAM) instrument
                data acquisition by ICE

  PyRAF         PyRAF system originally intended as CL replacement but 
                becoming complete environment.  Fully integrated with IRAF.

  PDL           Karl Glazebrook's Perl Data Language has hooks for IRAF 
                integration including image display.  http://pdl.perl.org/

  XImtool       The AAT/MSSSO has created a local custom version of XImtool
                for use with:

                    - GIT (Graph and Image Tool) in CICADA
                      at MSSSO (possibly CDL for image display, couldn't verify)
                    - TipTilt IR secondary at MSSSO 2.3m acquisition system
                    - AAT WFI_PFU observing system

  Xpguider      UTexas McDonald Ximtool Auto-Guider.  A custom modification
                of XImtool to provide a new GUI and features for use as a
                auto-guider for the Near IR images ROKAM at the McDonald
                2.7m.  McDonald also uses ICE for acquisition.

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